Our Services

FM360 delivers exceptional Facilities Management services throughout Karachi and later in Pakistan.

(Planned and Reactive maintenance).

We enjoy an extensive portfolio, which deals in public and private sectors, covering healthcare, educational, commercial, Residential and Industrial Sectors.

We benefit our clients by providing Combination of Flexible Services and Supplies under one Roof.

Our principal Facilities Management Services include:

• Construction
• Commercial Building Cleaning (Janitorial and Glass/Façade Cleaning)
• Commercial Building Services (Fire Fighting, Elevators, Electrical, H.V.A.C, Carpentry, Plumbing, Iron Works Etc.)
• Fumigation and Washing services (Pest Control/Carpet Cleaning)
• IT (Artificial Intelligence) Services and Solutions (Websites/Software)
• C.C.T.V Solutions
• Interior & Exterior Designing
• Any Kind of Labor {Theka or Mazdoori}
• Repair of Any Kind of Interior & Exterior Construction/Renovations (Facade, Tiles, Walls Etc.)
• H.S.E (Health and Safety Executive Services)

All Services are tailored to suit your needs, enabling you to stay compliant – saving time, energy and money.

Integrity & Trust: We hold our clients’ trust as sacred. In a nutshell, we provide fully integrated, customized building maintenance solutions to our valued clients.

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